February 23rd, 2023 – March 9th, 2023

Participating Artists: Alyssa Mahon, David Holden, Ethan Platt, Hui An, Joanne Gauthier, Kayla Breaker, Linh Nguyen, Maren Boedeker, Martin Vuong, Mathias Chau, Charles Bruce, Tommy feiler

This exhibition takes a fresh approach to the concept of “love” by delving into a comprehensive examination of its multifaceted interpretations. Through a diverse range of works, the artists featured in the exhibition provide their unique perspectives on love, capturing its many forms and complexities. The subjects explored range from self-love, platonic love, familial love, to the pain that can stem from love and even love for nature.

The goal of this exhibition is not only to showcase the vast array of interpretations of love, but to also encourage dialogue surrounding this complex emotion. Love has been a staple of human existence for centuries and has been depicted in numerous ways throughout history. However, its true definition remains a mystery, shrouded in ambiguity and open to interpretation. This exhibition strives to challenge these notions and spark a conversation around what love truly means, or if it even has a definition at all.

By presenting the different interpretations of love, the exhibition hopes to broaden people’s understanding of this complex emotion and shed light on its many forms. It encourages visitors to consider their own experiences with love and to engage in meaningful discussions surrounding the concept.