OPENING RECEPTION: August 26th 6pm-9pm


Step into the world of the UNSEEN, our captivating summer group exhibition at Blitz Art Gallery. Through this exhibition, we proudly showcase the talents of emerging and contemporary Canadian artists, offering a fresh perspective on the art scene.

UNSEEN invites you to explore the unseen narratives, emotions, and ideas that these artists bring to life through their work. This carefully curated collection brings together diverse artistic voices, each contributing to a vibrant tapestry of creativity.

In a dynamic blend of presentation, UNSEEN features both a salon wall and a traditional gallery wall, allowing for an immersive experience that transcends artistic conventions. This juxtaposition of styles emphasizes the interplay between individual expressions and the collective essence of the exhibition.

Join us in celebrating the UNSEEN—where hidden stories and innovative expressions come to light, inviting you to engage, reflect, and discover the unseen aspects of the artistic journey.

Featured Artists

Apoorva Mittal

Brent Doty

Bryan Stewart

Carlos Delgado

Christina Leslie

Hui An

Joseph Sagaj

Julie Amlin

Lauren Morris

Laura Benn

Laura Costantiello

Liz Szymczak

Mike Nguyen

Moses Salihou

Mya Naidoo

Natalja Heybroek

Susan Stewart

Tommy Feiler

Ulysses Veloso

Zach Atticus